All About Texas Crowdfunding


Texas crowdfunding is alive and well. While Title III may preclude it eventually, there is still a reason to work with your specific state to bring crowdfunding to the start-up community. CrowdEngine has been configuring a client’s portal to operate under the Texas intrastate crowdfunding rules and thought we would share our findings on the Texas governing rules for your enjoyment. It’s a good website, and totally doable with the CrowdEngine Compliance Engine.

Texas has created a well-presented website to explain all the rules and regulations. If you’re not familiar with all the different rules and regulations that Texas and other states have put together in the last few years, this is also a great primer and what they are thinking, surely going to change how enterprises raise capital.

Click here to read it from top to bottom, read only the Issuer requirements here, or skip to the Rule Book here.

As is typical with other Intrastate rules, you can’t offer securities to residents outside of the state, use providers located within the state (a challenge for ACH and payments!) and more. Texas equity rules require a 21-day “cool-off” period before the sales of securities can commence, commenting rules, and more. Click here to read more.

If you’re interested in a Texas or other US state equity crowdfunding portal, let us know what questions you have, we’d be happy to answer them. CrowdEngine provides 100’s of options out of the box so that compliance rules can be easily configured for any US jurisdiction (offline payments may be required depending on regulations).

Jim Borzilleri
CEO & Founder

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