Deploy an investment portal faster and more cost-effectively than starting from scratch.

No need to re-invent the wheel. Our technology has been used by hundreds of clients for offerings in real estate, private equity, blockchain, and more. We know the process better than anybody.

Everything you need to launch your own investment portal.

With technology to streamline every part of the process and an experienced team ready to help you, we make launching easy.

Verticals We Serve

Real Estate

Perfect for real estate investment firms who want to automate investing and investor relations.

Private Equity

Raise more capital with a funding portal. Perfect for PE firms, VC, and family offices seeking to expand.

Security Tokens/Blockchain

Perfect for asset tokenization or security token platforms. Our security token technology is patent pending.

Core Benefits

Learn why industry-leading professionals from around the world choose CrowdEngine for our investment management solutions.

Maximize Efficiency

  • Streamline day to day processes and increase revenue while decreasing cost.
  • Spend less time on manual processes and labor redundancy by automating investor payments, document signing, distributions, and more.
  • Manage all of your investment activities in one place.
  • Scale Your Business

  • Increase visibility to new private & public investors by having an online presence.
  • Expand your reach to new capital with both accredited, and non-accredited investors.
  • Unlock the ability to crowdfund and market to the general public.
  • Increase ROI

  • Increased assets and and cash flow
  • Multiply investor returns and distributions
  • Compound repeat investments
  • Higher equity volume
  • Private Fundraising

    • Reg. D 506(b)
    • Private Deals
    • Accredited Investors Only
    • Investor Requests Access

    Public Fundraising

    • Reg. D 506(c), Reg. S, Reg. A+, Reg. CF
    • General Solicitation
    • Accredited & Non-Accredited
    • International

    CrowdEngine can be used by companies of all kinds and sizes for raising capital, managing investors, automating deals, and keeping investors engaged. If you have questions, contact our sales team to see if we're a good fit for you.

    Research shows that there will be $478 billion to $502 billion of investment volume in 2020. As this occurs we know there will be more mass adoption for online investments vs. the traditional time-consuming processes for raising capital. We're known as industry leaders in real estate investor management & automation.

    Our Compliance Engine™ technology allows use to support all major U.S. regulations, many international regulations. Contact our sales team to inquire about your jurisdiction. 

    Since we build a solution custom for you, it's hard for us to estimate how much your upfront or monthly cost will be. To begin, our sales team can help to qualify you and identify if we are a good fit. At that time we'll come up with an estimated setup and monthly cost.

    Have Questions?

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