All About Regulation D Crowdfunding

At CrowdEngine we pride ourselves on understanding our clients’ needs, the regulations, and helping our clients succeed in the crowdfunding and Fintech industry. If you’re not familiar with the new crowdfunding rules and you want to get involved, it’s important to learn all you can about the rules.

Whether you’re a venture capital firm, angel group, startup, or real estate professional, you’ll always need a lawyer who can sign-off on everything, but as a smart entrepreneur you should also be informed about all your choices, and what the rules really say.

The majority of CrowdEngine’s Clients operate under Regulation D 5o6(b) and 506(c) for the limited offer and sale of securities, which doesn’t require registration under the Securities Act of 1933, so we thought we would share a great resource on Regulation D Rules (

230.500 Use of Regulation D

230.501  Definitions General and Terms in Reg D

230.502  Conditions to be Met

230.503  Filing of Notice of Sales

230.504  Exemption for Limited Offerings and Sales of Securities Not Exceeding 1M

230.505  Exemption for Limited Offerings and Sales of Securities Not Exceeding 5M

230.506  Exemption for Limited Offerings and Sales w/o Regard to Dollar Amount

230.507  Disqualifying Provision Relating to Exemptions Under 504-506

230.508  Insignificant deviations from a term, condition or requirement of Reg D

If you want more information on all the available regulations you can view them here.

Lots of reading here. Enjoy!


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