Industry Leading Equity Crowdfunding Solutions

What is Equity Crowdfunding?

Equity Crowdfunding provides businesses a new way to raise capital that was previously unaccessible to them via traditional investments prior to 2012. Since then, hundreds of businesses have used CrowdEngine to leverage equity crowdfunding under rules Reg. D 506(c), Reg. S, Reg. A+, and Reg. CF.

Equity Crowdfunding

High Net-Worth
Equity Crowdfunding

  • Reg. D 506(c) & Reg. S
  • Accredited Investors Only
  • Automated Accreditation Checks
  • Automated KYC
  • Payment Automation

General Public
Equity Crowdfunding

  • Reg. A+ & Reg. CF*
  • Non-Accredited Investors
  • Automated Net-Worth & Income
  • Automated KYC
  • Payment Automation

How It Works

If you're interested in Equity Crowdfunding, you likely fit under one of three categories. You might want to raise capital for yourself, already have deals that need funding, or you want to start a funding portal where issuers can apply to raise capital.


Single Raise

Raise capital on your own site with your own domain, and keep your data and traffic exclusive.


Multiple Raise

For ongoing capital raises, investor management, and business automation.


Funding Portal

Allow outside issuers to apply and raise capital using your funding portal while you make a percentage.


We'll work with you to understand what we need to build, what regulations to support, and what design assets you'll require.


We'll build a portal customized with your company branding and designed to accommodate the regulations you need.


We'll help you to successfully launch your portal for investments.


Our team becomes an extension of yours. We'll be your tech team while you grow your business, scale investors, increase cash flow

All the features you need

Equity crowdfunding solutions

Investor Portal

A portal that provides an easy way for investors to invest, track investments & earnings, view documents, stay updated with your current offerings, and easily access new investments.

Deal Automation

Maximize your productivity and spend less time on manual processes and labor redundancy. This includes document signing, accreditation, distributions, and more.

Earnings & Distributions

Easily submit earnings reports that will reflect the amount of returns the investors have received on their investments to date. Save hours with automated distributions when using our fully integrated online escrow provider.

Document Management

Securely upload investor specific documents, K-1s, earnings statements, deal documents, and other reports that are accessible 24/7.

Investor Reporting

Investors can track offering progress, get updates about their investments, view their portfolio, and track their earnings and interest.


See all investment activity & processes associated with the offering all in one place, making it easy to manage your contacts and relationships.

Payment Automation

Our systems process and account for every dollar, while protecting issuers, investors and others involved in a capital raise.


Customize and fine-tune our technology with your branding and domain. Our software gives you the ability to change any text on the site, add custom fields to offerings and investor profiles, create and edit custom content pages, and more.



Regulations At-A-Glance

Questions about regulations? Download our Regulations at a Glance guide for free.


CrowdEngine - Compliance Capabilities

Learn how our industry-leading technology can help you maintain compliance in nearly every major jurisdiction.


Build vs. Buy Guide

Thinking about building your own funding portal? Learn about the pros and cons of building your own vs. buying through us.

Ready to take the next steps?

Frequently Asked Questions

Many types of companies benefit from our Equity Crowdfunding solution. You could use our solution to raise funds one-time or you could build an Equity Crowdfunding platform.

Research shows that there will be $478 billion to $502 billion of investment volume in 2020 in Real Estate alone. As this occurs we know there will be more mass adoption for online investments using equity crowdfunding software like CrowdEngine.

Since we build a solution custom for you, it's hard for us to estimate how much your upfront or monthly cost will be. To begin, our sales team can help to qualify you and identify if we are a good fit. At that time we'll come up with an estimated setup and monthly cost.

While our investor management solution allows for the integration of many CRMs, we also provide a lite CRM dashboard that you can easily use to manage investments. Contact our sales team to learn more.

Yes! We support Debt Crowdfunding in addition to Equity Crowdfunding, and previously supported Donation Crowdfunding.