Single Raise Portal

Single Raise Portals have everything you need to raise capital and manage investors.

CrowdEngine Investor Management

Completely Branded Solution

We're much more than a button, we provide a completely branded website with investor dashboards and much more. Focus on raising capital and marketing to investors. Use your own domain our integration is seamless.

No Success Fees &
100% Investor Ownership

Retail crowdfunding sites charge large success fees and co-own your investor list forever - not with CrowdEngine. Use us to market to your existing investors and save BIG.


If you're raising your own capital, then we can help you launch a compliant, marketing-ready campaign in a matter of weeks.

Ready for Marketing

Get powerful analytics using any javascript-based tracking, optimization, or testing services you want, or customize your branding front-end with our source code package.


Ready to start raising capital the smart way?

Why pay expensive fees? Keep all your investors to yourself.​

What do you need before starting a capital raise?

A Registered Business.

Obviously, we can only work with properly formed companies officially recognized by a formal government . No personal projects here.

Your Books and Records in Order.

You need to be prepared to show all your historical data, corporate documents, financials, projections, slide deck, video, etc to be able to market on offering online. Take the time to do it right.

Captive Audience.

Or a Marketing Budget. This is the most important thing you need for a successful raise. You must have a free or affordable way of getting in front your target investors, without traffic they can be no conversions.

Offering Documents

This is the last major part- if you have all of the above we can sometimes refer services or law firms who can make your offering documents, some can handle all the regulatory filings too. We highly recommend the use of an attorney, otherwise you can choose from templates available online. We work with most accelerator templates, but do not provide legal advice!

Is our single raise solution right for you?

If you are looking to raise capital for one entity using Reg. D or Reg A., then yes.
If you are looking to host multiple offerings, click here for our multiple raise solutions.

Ready to start raising capital the smart way?