CrowdEngine’s Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform Features

Real estate crowdfunding is a booming industry right now and continues to be dynamic and ever-evolving. By 2025, the crowdfunding industry as a whole is anticipated to be valued at more than $300 billion, and online real estate marketplaces are primed to capitalize on that explosive growth. While the kind of growth the industry is seeing is undoubtedly positive, it’s not reasonable to assume that every platform is equally equipped. With numerous real estate crowdfunding platforms out there, choosing the right one can be a difficult job. 

Our white label real estate crowdfunding platform sets the stage for the industry standard in compliance and excellence for this new and evolving market.

With numerous real estate crowdfunding platforms available, it’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed by the countless options and features. It is advised that you choose a platform based on their credibility, site functionality, documentation, and customer service quality. For beginners, you want to avoid sites that function as nothing more than listing services. Choose platforms that have previous experience dealing with the type of investments that you’re looking for. 

Next, you’ll want to make sure to ask the essential questions: What kind of information does the platform collect for potential deals? What information does it collect and keep on your investors? Does it provide accreditation or KYC/AML? Who owns the Data? What types of integrations do they offer? As you conduct your research on different platforms, make sure to ask them your own set of questions. This should give you a sense of their customer service quality by their willingness to provide the necessary information and assurance that you need. 

Now that you’ve got the basics on crowdfunding for real estate, you may be wondering which real estate crowdfunding platform you should go with. In this article, we will explore some of our real estate crowdfunding platform features and explain why they are beneficial to you.

Real Estate Features

Our Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform Features Explained

Core Functionality
  • Showcase properties you are raising capital for
  • Automate compliance and investment process
  • Streamline the management of the investors & distributions
Benefits for Real Estate Developers and Brokers
  • Access to more capital
    • Leverage the power of the internet to find new deals and investors.

  • Control and own the investor relationship from start to finish
    • Don’t send your most valuable capital resource to another business to make an investment.
      • Often those businesses will provide them with competing offers before they invest.
      • Hijack the relationship and dilute their value to your organization and they have less capital to dedicate to your projects. 
      • You often pay the 3rd party commissions as they take ownership of your valuable investors.

  • Promote your own brand and business, not a 3rd party’s.
    • Don’t spend money promoting someone else’s business when raising capital in order for your offering to fund.
    • Spend your marketing dollars only promoting your brand and the value you provide your investors. 
    • Remove the ability for investors to shop unrelated offerings on the same portal promoting yours.
    • Marketing costs increase as investment conversions decrease as investors you paid to view your offering begin shopping other offerings instead of investing. 

  • You control all the marketing, updates, and follow-up frequency to your offering(s).
Showcase your real estate offerings
  • From your site and brand.
  • Your style, brand, and logo on every page, including a page for your online pitch book with videos, images, charts, graphs, tables, and the text you choose to highlight your offering.
  • Custom fields can be added to offerings and investor profiles.
Compliance Engine™
  • SEC & FINRA compliant
  • Reg D 506(b) & 506(c), Reg A+, Reg CF ready
  • Customizable Rules Engine
  • Ensure Complete Compliance
    • Audit protection
      • All data and data changes are serialized, tracked, and stored.
      • All investor communications from the portal are logged and stored.
    • Compliant user experiences for each offering type you choose to leverage on your portal to offer capital in your jurisdiction of choice. Once the client sets user experience and guidelines with their legal counsel, those compliance standards are automated and automatically enforced through your offering. 
Investor Control and Confidentiality
  • Keep and Manage your investors directly, no competing portal or other offerings distracting your investors or interfering with your relationships.
  • Drive traffic to your own site, not a 3rd party.
  • No diluted investments.
Automate and Streamline the Entire Compliance and Investment Process
  • Investment tracking
  • Automated investor follow-up with incomplete investments.
  • Compliance tracking – track every signature, accreditation, KYC or AML check on the portal as an admin or by 3rd party service providers. 
Manage Investors & Online Distributions
  • Manage the investors post offering with integrated CRM services such as Hubspot and Salesforce.
  • Document repositories
  • Investor dashboards
  • Notification systems, Annual report delivery, K1 distribution, Bi-directional investor payments.
Simplify your capital offering
  • Easy setup with no coding required to set up or operate.
  • Straightforward process to load offerings with appropriate guidelines and user experiences applied to each offering type.
  • Save time, money, and energy by having one central location for all investment activities and processes associated with the offering.
  • When appropriate, limit which investors enter the deal room by adjusting the access control settings.
  • Point and click offerings and investor management. Visually see the progress of each offering and investor participation in real-time. 
  • Investors see their investment results visually via graphs and tables in addition to their document repository which stores all their investment documents associated with the offering in one location.
  • Issuers/sponsors and admins own and access all user data at any time.
  • Marketing and site analytics of your choice can be integrated. 
  • Facebook and Google pixel tracking.
  • Create and display the perfect presentation with an online pitchbook of your offering with the use of videos, images, infographics, text, charts, and tables.
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