CrowdEngine Launches White Label Equity Crowdfunding Portals

San Diego, CA – The 2014 Crowdfunding Global Expo in San Diego is taking place this week, and this week many of the industry’s leading minds are meeting to reflect and meeting to discuss, the industry’s next steps, the JOBS act lifting the ban on general solicitation, and a new flood of millions of new crowdfunding investors are quickly moving online to initiate a sea change in the way we finance new businesses, real estate, and more. These equity crowdfunding sites are quickly growing and proving a preferred option for both fundraisers and investors, and CrowdEngine is meeting that demand with new custom white-label platform specifically dedicated to enabling anyone in the US to have the technical tools they need to launch a custom end-to-end equity crowdfunding website site.

“Equity crowdfunding is a completely different animal. With the market and space being so new there is opportunity everywhere, but it’s accompanied by misinformation, few leaders for the best practices, and a lot of regulations to be covered. CrowdEngine had to create a completely different experience to handle auto investor accreditation and public disclosure without compromising the process for users and those submitting projects.”

CrowdEngine’s list of White Label Equity Crowdfunding services includes portal development, working one-on-one with founders and organizations to simplify fundraising and streamline operations. Additionally, CrowdEngine can configure a specific set of features for each unique portal and platform, enabling clients to save significant amounts of time versus building from scratch.

Combining many of these services, CrowdEngine offers essentially an equity crowdfunding platform that bundles some their most popular products together to fulfill essential platform tasks like auto screening investors for accreditation and enabling customers to purchase new features and customize code for ready to launch solutions.

Their portals approve investors, simplify and align the required documents those companies need to provide investors and regulators and empowers the project owner with the option to approve each investor individually.

Pricing and Availability:

New equity sites are available globally and with hundreds of features including the Accredited Investor Certification January 2. Equity site is optimized for ease of use and reveals its new services, custom product capabilities, and “ready-to-launch” solutions. Prices for equity platforms start at little less than two thousand a month and are designed to be an end-to-end technology solution: servers, customization, bug fixes, and updates.

About Jim Borzilleri:

Jim is the President of CrowdEngine Inc., a co-founding member of the Crowdfunding Professional Association (CfPA), a software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry expert, and a specialist in building and managing complex software platforms. He is the founder and board member of several leading technology companies, and has built, managed, and sold several software businesses over the last decade.

About CrowdEngine:

Whatever your vision for a crowdfunding portal is, CrowdEngine powers it. With Reward, Non-profit, Equity and customizable crowdfunding portals, CrowdEngine builds complete end-to-end solutions that offer all the perks of your own platform without the headaches of coding, servers, testing, and one size fits none options.