The Build vs Buy Dilemma: Why a White Label Crowdfunding Platform is the Ideal Alternative

White Label Crowdfunding Software

As an entrepreneur or startup company in the crowdfunding industry looking to raise capital via the web, your first instinct may be to try the do-it-yourself way. Isn’t that what entrepreneurship is all about? Not always. In a lot of cases, building a crowdfunding portal from scratch can be a setup for failure.

If you are unsure of whether to build or buy, consider the following items before deciding which option is best for you and why CrowdEngine’s white label crowdfunding platform is the ideal alternative.

Build vs Buy


Are you and your team experienced in custom software development? Will you need to outsource? How qualified is the software firm your looking to engage? Building an excellent custom-made product requires hiring a team of developers, engineers, and support technicians.

At CrowdEngine, our team has a diverse background in technology, startups, and online marketing. We built the software and maintain the hardware, support team, developers, and security. CrowdEngine entered the market in 2012 as a premier white label platform provider. Since then, we have helped hundreds of companies launch their own branded crowdfunding portals.


A custom-built investment platform is going to be several hundred thousand dollars. Building your own crowdfunding portal can be even more costly especially when mistakes are made that other people before you have already done and mastered. Time lost during this process and money spent developing tools and solutions that already exist in another format dramatically adds to your cost. Take into consideration that technical expenses don’t stop once the platform is ready: you will still need to pay for hosting and maintenance.

CrowdEngine provides a state-of-the-art crowdfunding portal with proprietary Compliance Engine® technology for a reasonable and predictable cost. Check out our plans for further detailed information.  


How soon do you need your platform? The average time that it takes to build custom software is typically four to twelve months. However, according to a study by KPMG Information Technology, 85 percent of software development projects go over schedule. Because software development is inherently a more risky proposition than many other projects, time lost during this process can make the difference between a successful venture and a failed experiment. Can you afford that?

CrowdEngine can help get you launched with your own crowdfunding portal on your own domain in as little as two weeks. Our proven technology offers tons of features and all the best third-party integrations. It’s easy to use and can be added to any existing website.

Human Resources

How experienced are you at managing technical resources? Technical teams, including developers, engineers, and support technicians are dynamically different from deal makers. Their workflow, thought process, and attitudes are unique. Without the experience or knowledge to properly hire or manage said expertise, prepare yourself for employee turnover.

CrowdEngine has a support team that will help you as much as needed, and will even do small things for you like setting up APIs and general configuration options. We offer launch support that includes an initial onboarding call – up to 3 hours for training on the platform. We provide continued support once you go Live.

Ability to change your mind

When launching a new business you have to make decisions fast. You also have to embrace the fact that you will make mistakes. Give yourself peace of mind by allowing for breathing room when it comes to errors. Will the solution you’re choosing today let you change your mind tomorrow? Can you easily take your data with you and leave? All of these questions are worth asking yourself.

Our 100% No-Risk Guarantee completely protects you. If you don’t like CrowdEngine over the next 30 days, we’ll refund 100% of your money.

The Ideal Alternative: A White Label Crowdfunding Platform

All of these pitfalls can be avoided by merely opting in for a white label solution, instead of building your own. CrowdEngine was architected and developed specifically to solve all these requirements while remaining an easy to use, out-of-the-box robust enterprise crowdfunding solution. Now portal owners can keep control of all the critical aspects of their business, while still differentiating themselves in the marketplace.

CrowdEngine was the first to launch intrastate equity crowdfunding websites in compliance with new intrastate regulations in New Jersey, Michigan, Arizona, and is the only white label solution for Regulation CF. Our turnkey private label solutions increase speed to market, reduce costs, increase security and compliance, and delight customers across nearly every industry – from financial services, technology, real estate, and blockchains.

We have proprietary Compliance Engine® technology that works in 190+ countries, as well as new patent-pending security token technology that enables entrepreneurs to launch their own funding websites and support all offering types in the United States including Reg. D, Reg. S, Reg. A+, Reg. CF, and most new intrastate regulations. CrowdEngine also supports SAFTs and STO’s or ICO’s (initial coin offerings) with our new blockchain technology.

Disclaimer: This information is provided to our clients and other friends for educational purposes only. It should not be construed or relied upon as legal advice. Please contact your lawyer with respect to any of the matters discussed here.