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  • Aug 30
  • 2 mins read

CrowdEngine Invited to Growth, Innovation, and Leadership 2016: Silicon Valley

Be Visionary: Join us in September and future proof your company and meet our President Jim Borzilleri who will be speaking about the latest crowdfunding technologies and how they are changing the world.

The future of business is a tidal wave of accelerating mega trends, technology advances, and new business models converging at an exponential pace. Growth, Innovation, and Leadership 2016: Silicon Valley will help you think bigger. You will engage in strategic conversations with hundreds of business leaders from other industries and business disciplines. You will inject fresh perspectives as you develop your vision. Opportunities are everywhere and very often in unexpected places. Examine how you can generate revenues and increase profitability with the Internet of Things. Learn how to be an early adopter of artificial intelligence to transform your organization. Get ahead of the innovation curve as sensors generate multi-billion dollar business opportunities across multiple industries. Find new growth opportunities in energy, healthcare and automotive as they converge with other industries. Realize the competitive cross-industry advantages of early adoption of future financial technology. Understand how societal mega trends will create new opportunities. Examine the profound cross-industry upheavals and shifts that must be a part of your strategic planning. Position your company to leverage the technology advances that will radically change our futures.

Disruption is fast becoming the norm in every industry and in every company. Join us as we honor Silicon Valley’s Visionaries, Innovators and Leaders. Through a provocative, unscripted and candid discussion of transcendent management issues you will gain renewed inspiration and passion for driving the future of growth, innovation, and leadership. As a prelude, industry leaders, practitioners and solution providers host a menu of luncheon discussions on pertinent industry issues.

This is sure to be a great event, we hope to see you there! For more info, click here or to register, call Matthew McSweegan at 516-255-3812, or email him at Matthew.McSweegan@frost.com.