CrowdEngine: A Solution for Commercial Real Estate

CrowdEngine is headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT and was founded in 2014. The President of CrowdEngine is a co-founding member of the Crowdfunding Professional Association (CfPA) and is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) expert who brings over 20 years of business development and executive management experience. Their mission is to drive worldwide funding technology. As providers of white-label, turnkey crowdfunding platforms, CrowdEngine has solidified a brand that is cutting edge, sophisticated, sleek, dynamic, vibrant, and synonymous with easy-to-use crowdfunding technology that offers a premium experience.

What does your site do?

CrowdEngine is a Software-As-a-Service (SaaS) crowdfunding platform that is designed to offer the most advanced crowdfunding software solution to any organization in the rapidly growing product/reward, non-profit and investment crowdfunding markets, with a special focus on custom concept creation and full IT management services.

We have proprietary Compliance Engine® technology that works in 190+ countries, as well as new patent-pending security token technology that enables entrepreneurs to launch their own funding websites. Our crowdfunding software is highly customizable and is built for real estate

Who are your customers?

We delight customers across nearly every industry – from financial services, technology, real estate, and blockchains. CrowdEngine has helped companies raise over $100,000,000 to date and has grown rapidly through internal development and acquisitions, and currently hosts over 75 crowdfunding platforms. Our custom development, launch support, & dedicated project managers set our clients up for success when time and money is on the line.

What are the Core Benefits of using your site?

CrowdEngine increases speed to market, reduced costs, increased security and compliance. It comes with everything you need out-of-the-box, including CRM integrations, online escrow and payments, third-party accreditation, DocuSign, social media integrations, and much more. Our crowdfunding software helps you manage your investor portal and all your transactions with ease. It’s easy to use and can be added to any existing website.

We are SEC, FINRA, & Broker-Dealer compliant for Reg A+, Reg D 506(b) & 506(c), Regulation Crowdfunding, US Intrastate, and International compatible. Rest easy knowing we have the experience of many FINRA reviews under our belt. We were the first to launch intrastate equity crowdfunding websites in compliance with new intrastate regulations in New Jersey, Michigan, Arizona, and is the only white label solution for Regulation CF. We also support SAFTs and STO’s or ICO’s (initial coin offerings) with our new blockchain technology.