Feature Overview

Our solution has all of the features you need to raise capital, manage investors, and scale your business.

Investor Portal

Delight your investors with a beautiful experience

A robust one-stop feature complete investment experience for all your investors and provides an easy way to invest, track investments & earnings, view documents, stay updated with your current offerings, and easily access new investments.

Feature - Earnings & Distributions

Workflows to automate all of your processes from due dilligence to payment

Our systems process and account for every dollar, while protecting issuers, investors and others involved in a capital raise.


Easily provide earnings statements & distributions

Submit earnings reports that will reflect the amount of returns the investors have received on their investments to date. Save hours with automated distributions when using our fully integrated online escrow provider.

Feature - Deal Automation
Feature - Document Management

No more hassle with document management

Securely upload investor specific documents, K-1s, earnings statements, deal documents, and other reports that are accessible 24/7.


Keep investors engaged with investor reporting

Investors can track offering progress, get updates about their investments, view their portfolio, and track their earnings and interest.

Feature - Investor Reporting
Feature - Customer Relationship Management

Manage your investor relationships with any CRM

Our solution comes with a built in, light CRM that can be used to easily keep up with investors and their investments. Integrate into a more robust CRM like HubSpot or Salesforce with ease.


Build beautiful landing pages with our deal room builder

Create and display the perfect offering and deal room with the use of videos, images, infographics, text, charts, and tables.​ The deal room can be configured to be private or public.

Feature Deal Room Builder

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