CrowdEngine creates investment platforms and custom fintech solutions tailored to your business. Our modular technology includes:


Syndicator Suite

Designed for real estate firms, offering tools for capital raising, investor management, with dashboards and earnings reports tailored to real estate.


BD Manager

Enabling registered broker dealers to raise capital from multiple parties while maintaining KYC, suitability, while staying fully compliant with FINRA.


Equity Engine

Solution for private equity firms, enabling them to raise capital, manage capital calls, host private deal rooms, perform due diligence, and grow deal flow.


Deal Engine

Designed for VC firms to manage inbound applications, internal and external capital raises, document archival, and compliance.


Reg CF

Our proven Reg. CF package is a comprehensive solution for getting your own Reg. CF portal approved by FINRA.


Funding Engine

Designed for law firms, incubators and accelerators to assist their startups in raising capital efficiently and compliantly.

Standard Features

We have all the features you need to manage investments, and 100's of customizable features to make you stand out from the crowd.

Investor Portal
Deal Rooms
Document Management
ACH Payments

Don't settle for cookie-cutter.

CrowdEngine is a 99% customizable solution, so clients can use or make any design, workflow, custom dashboard, or API endpoint on top of our modules. We even share our frontend source code so you can build a custom site (like "Shopify"), or hire us do it for you.

We make it easy to launch your own site like "Wefunder, StartEngine, SeedInvest, RealtyMogul, etc.*"

* Wefunder, StartEngine, DealMaker, Issuance, HoneyComb, SeedInvest, RealtyMogul, etc. are all trademarks of their respective owners. CrowdEngine is not claiming any association with them here by referencing to them as examples of retail/direct funding portals.

Everything you need to launch out of the gate.

Launch a new offering or import your existing investors . Streamline processes and enhance your capital raising abilities in full compliance using our proven platform and experienced team.

We Support All Regulations

Reg. D

Reg. D has no maximum raise limit. Rule 506B is for private offerings, and Rule 506C is for public online offerings. We can help you transition from B to C and more.

Reg. A+

Reg. A+ has an $75M limit and is targeted to all investors, including non-accredited. Reg. A+ offerings typically have 1000's of investors. We can help you manage them.

Regulation CF

A Reg. CF Portal allows you to enable issuers to raise up to $5M every 12 months from non-accredited investors. We can help you get FINRA approved.

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Why Choose CrowdEngine?


We have a deep understanding of the capital raising market and the needs of our customers. With years of experience and a commitment to delivering customized solutions, we are a partner you can rely on.


We know that every firm is unique, which is why we offer a personalized approach. Our software is not one-size-fits-all, we work with every client to tailor your platform to your specific needs.


Our ultimate goal is to help our customers succeed. We are committed to your success and will work closely with you to ensure that you get the results you want.

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