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CrowdEngine Crowdfunding

We offer the most advanced Custom Crowdfunding Portals on the planet. Reward & Donation Portals starting at only $795/month.

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100% Customizable

Your own look and feel from top to bottom: upload your logo and customize your branding, copy, themes, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. 100% your brand.


Ready-to-launch crowdfunding software with lower upfront and ongoing costs. No more server headaches, software management, security updates, testing, or hiring mistakes.

Secure & Reliable

We take security seriously. From SSL encryption to PCI compliance, you can rest assured that your data is safe and protected 24 hours a day.

Payment Ready

WePay, and PayPal support out of the box so you can start quickly. Want to use your own payment provider or receive offline payments? No problem.

Unlimited Options

Feature-rich and ready to launch crowdfunding software with hundreds of built-in options, infinite combinations, and regular new releases. Integrated with all the social networks and designed to be viral.

Powerful Admin

Track and control all of your crowdfunding portal's activity. Manage your end-users, projects, campaigns, contributors, and settings. Easily view statistics, trends, and much more.

Flexible Models

Easily launch Donation, Reward, or Equity crowdfunding websites with all-or-nothing or flexible funding options. Set your own fees, and even create a totally original crowdfunding business model.

Built to Scale

Limitless cloud-based capacity lets you grow pain-free. Our crowdfunding software includes automatic daily backups, multiple languages, and foreign currency support.

CrowdEngine comes integrated with everything you need.

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