Digital Marketing

As traditional methods of raising capital become less effective, having a strong online presence is crucial to successfully financing your deals. However, building funnels, utilizing automated email systems, auto-posting on social media, and tracking data in detail to optimize fundraising campaigns can be a daunting task.
We offer a comprehensive range of marketing services enabling you to build your prospect lists and convert more investors. Our full-stack approach takes the guesswork out of online marketing and fundraising, helping you achieve your financial goals with confidence.

High Converting Websites

In today's digital age, a website that's fully optimized for capital raising is essential for businesses looking to attract and engage potential investors. Our team of experts can build a new website for you from scratch, integrating all the necessary technology to attract, capture, and nurture your prospects. Alternatively, we can work with you to advise on the ideal website architecture A well-designed capital-raising website can help to increase lead generation and keep prospects engaged, making them more likely to invest with you when the time comes. We can help you create an engaging user experience, design compelling calls-to-action, and implement advanced analytics tools to track user behavior and optimize your site's performance. With a website that's optimized for capital raising, you'll be able to attract more high-quality leads and build a strong pipeline of potential investors.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In today's digital age, search engine optimization (SEO) has become a critical tool for businesses looking to attract investors. SEO is the process of optimizing your website and online content to improve your ranking on search engine results pages. By ranking higher, your website is more likely to be seen by potential investors who are actively searching for investment opportunities. In addition to its effectiveness at capturing investor attention, SEO can also help to build trust with potential investors. If a prospect types in a search on Google and your name appears in the results, they are more likely to trust you and view you as a credible option. This trust is a critical step before someone signs your offering documents and wires capital to you. By investing in SEO, you can attract potential investors at the moment of maximum intent and establish credibility and trust with those prospects. This can help to increase your investor base and drive success for your capital raising campaign.

Social Media Marketing

Whether you love it or hate it, the truth is that the most effective way to attract new investors to your offering is to have a strong presence on major social platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. We can help you generate attractive social media posts, all of which can be scheduled to post automatically, saving you time and effort. These top-of-funnel posts help elevate your visibility, enhance your reputation, and position you as an industry leader. Most importantly, they drive investor traffic to your website, helping you build your prospect list so that you can nurture them with automated email sequences until they become interested in investing in your next deal.

Influencer Marketing

In today's market, influencers are individuals or media outlets that have built their own networks of trusted investors who turn to them for guidance. Influencer marketing involves leveraging these networks to promote your offerings. This can take many forms, such as appearing on podcasts (often at no cost), having influencers send dedicated emails to their networks, participating in paid webinars, or being featured in articles in lifestyle magazines targeted to your market. Influencers come in a variety of sizes, ranging from small (micro) to medium (nano) to large-scale (macro), and each typically has a specific niche that can be targeted with tailored content to promote your offerings.

Content Marketing

If you want to scale your capital raising efforts, relying on one-on-one interactions with investors is highly inefficient. Instead, you need to digitize your story and your pitch, making it easily accessible to potential investors everywhere,. We can help you reproduce your story in a variety of formats, positioning you as an industry leader. With a strong content marketing strategy in place, potential investors will be able to find you online, engage with your content, and develop a relationship with you without ever having to meet in person. As they become more familiar with your brand and your offerings, they will become predisposed to investing with you even before you pitch a specific deal. By leveraging the power of content marketing, you can reach a wider audience, establish credibility, and build a strong pipeline of potential investors who are interested in your offerings.

Email Marketing

The success of any capital raising campaign hinges on your email list and how effectively you communicate with it. There are numerous strategies for doing this, including:
- Sending sequences of emails that are sent when someone signs up on your website.
- Regular email newsletters to keep investors engaged and informed.
- Emails that create a sense of urgency and motivate prospects to invest.
- Nurture emails that you send out in between deals to stay top-of-mind with your investors.

Everything is designed to help you develop strong relationships with your investors. Much of this can be automated, and we track everything to help you create prospect hotlists for active follow-up. Additionally, we monitor everything to ensure that your domain reputation remains clean and your emails are delivered to your investors' inboxes (and not flagged as spam).

Paid Advertising

When you have a strong Investor Acquisition System in place and leads are coming in and signing up on your website, it's time to take your top-of-funnel marketing to the next level. This involves shifting your budget from building systems to paid advertising, and the most effective platforms for this are Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google. By leveraging advanced tracking, artificial intelligence (AI), and data analytics, we can increase the visibility of your offering so that prospects see it everywhere they go online. We score these prospects based on their engagement, allowing you to focus your conversion efforts where they are most likely to be successful.