Comparison Guide

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Comparison Guide

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FEATURESCrowdEngineJuniper SquareIMSCrowdStreet
Investor Portal
Deal Automation
Earnings & Distributions
Document Management
Investor Reporting
Payment Automation--
3rd Party Integrations---
Deal Room / Offering Builder---
Marketing Automation---
Front End Source Code Access---
RegulationsCrowdEngineJuniper SquareIMSCrowdStreet
Private Investors Only
Reg. D 506(b)
General Solicitation
Reg. D 506(c)
Reg. S
Non-Accredited Investors
Reg. A+
Non-Accredited Investors
Intrastate (NJ, AZ, MI)
Reg. CF
Non-Accredited Investors
Private Investing
General Solicitation--
Accredited Investors
Non-Accredited Investors---
International Investors---
ServicesCrowdEngineJuniper SquareIMSCrowdStreet
Legal & Financial Services--
Legal Documents---
Marketing Assistance--
Branding Assistance---
Asset Tokenization---

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